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We help your sales reps to increase their effectiveness for a better customer experience 

  • Engage your customers with meaningful content on any channel with one single easy-to-use interface: face-to-face, remote, phone calls, social media channels, SMS, text, WhatsApp, and many more

  • Align the activities of your marketers, salespeople and field at the click of a button, from home, in the office, or on the go


  • Leverage all customer data at the right moment for more meaningful conversations with customers

  • Embed regulatory procedures into your standard processes

  • Share, store and track all your interactions seamlessly with your existing CRM and ERP and scale your growth faster

  • Increase ROI through the digitization and optimization of processes - simplify administrative tasks forever.

With the Pitcher native application, you will empower your commercial teams to:

  • Focus on your clients and create a unique and personalized experience for more impact each time
  • Gain operational productivity and efficiency by supporting your marketing and sales teams with a strategic customer-centric approach
  • Achieve consistency in your omnichannel customer journey
  • Increase sales and marketing alignment and full visibility of your sales operations
  • Access the right customer’s data and insights seamlessly integrated with your CRM
  • Search, find, share and track your sales content
  • Leverage content automation that guides your sales teams
  • Speed up onboarding, tailor training and personalize coaching
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Your fully customizable all-in-one marketing and sales enablement solution to accelerate your sales. Close the loop between marketing and sales and optimize your operations by means of content automation, content personalization, guided selling, omnichannel engagement, coaching and real-time insights. Automatically store all your interactions in your CRM. 

Pitcher is a marketing and sales enablement solution launched in 2011 to elevate your customers' engagements with targeted, multichannel and personalized content automation, field force excellence, and analytics. Close the feedback loop of your sales operations with innovative technology seamlessly integrated with your CRM, CSM and LMS and accessible at the click of a button, from home, in the office and on the go.

Streamline and scale your operations. Your teams will no longer need to be digital natives in order to succeed


What is the ROI of your sales enablement?

Measure your ROI


Discover some of the dedicated use cases for your industry: 

Guided Selling

AI/ML and ruled-based content recommendations

Automated and personalized digital sales aids and content recommendations to engage customers

Remote guidance for your teams, track their progress and highlight best practices

Analyze sentiment and reactions during all your customer interactions

Coaching and Sales Readiness

Assess skills, share feedback on employees’ skills and track their progress over time.

Restrict access to sales collateral based on users getting certifications on certain sales skills.

Record role play, share with managers and peers and spread those best rated within the organization.



Connect and engage remotely through any channel including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber, Line, Telegram, WhatsApp and WeChat.

Teams will quickly see what is performing and what needs to be worked on. Reports can be viewed on account-level performance, including achievements and coaching for different skill areas.


Real-time analytics

Unique sentiment analysis to track customer interests.

Real-time analytics to track and understand what has been downloaded, opened, and presented

Easily access reports and dashboards at any time – even when offline


With specific use cases proven by customers, you can trust that the Pitcher will help you deliver the results you need to support your strategy.

Discover how Pitcher works for your teams

Provide a seamless experience to your reps and enable them to access all their data- also offline. Pitcher integrates seamlessly with all leading CRM


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