The Pitcher Super App to drive your sales excellence
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Your sales enablement platform for sales acceleration.

Our sales enablement platform empowers your sales and marketing teams to work more efficiently by leveraging intuitive mobile sales enablement technology.

Your teams only need to use one application to engage with customers and offer them an omnichannel experience, developed on cross-industry best practices. Thanks to Pitcher’s powerful sales enablement software, your team can use technology to:

Improve your multi-channel customer engagement

Align and automate your sales, services, and marketing efforts

Enable your sales team to be more efficient and productive

Reduce the complexity of and streamline your internal operations

Scale your business with automation and process optimization

Close the marketing loop with actionable insights

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Your one-stop app for elevating your customer engagement

Our sales enablement platform is an intuitive application that increases the effectiveness of your sales and marketing operations to easily engage your customers – even while you're on the go!

With our Super App sales enablement solution, you can use multiple capabilities in a closed eco-system for an all-in-one experience. Pitcher creates a seamless, integrated, personalized, and efficient experience, revolutionizing the way organizations market and sell.

With Pitcher’s sales enablement toolkit, your marketing, customer service, and sales teams can engage your prospects, leads, and customers across multiple channels and in several formats including:

  • Screen broadcasting from any device
  • Seamless handoffs between apps like WhatsApp and WeChat
  • Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
  • A single dashboard for interacting and initiating conversations across every touchpoint
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Simplify your team’s workflows with Pitcher’s sales enablement app.

Eliminate the redundant tasks holding back your team’s communication with each other and customers. Pitcher’s sales enablement products make it easy to maintain compliance in any industry while integrating with your favorite sales and marketing tools, analyzing data, drawing insights, and engaging customers.







Sales Analytics & Reporting

The Pitcher Super App offers a built-in module for tracking performance analytics and generating reports so you can gain a better understanding of buyer behavior – online and offline.


When it comes to comprehensive sales enablement solutions, no one does it better than Pitcher. Out of the box, Pitcher’s sales enablement platform integrates with all your favorite tools for business analytics, CRM, sales automation, data management, content management, and several cloud-based services.


Pitcher makes it easy to follow industry-specific compliance and general data regulations because our sales enablement toolkit is completely GDPR-compliant.

Our sales enablement platform will transform your sales today:

Why does Pitcher provide the best sales enablement tools? The Pitcher sales enablement platform can adapt to your specific customer journey. Our platform is configurable and flexible, regardless of your sales enablement maturity.

The Pitcher platform integrates all the best sales enablement tools in one convenient dashboard so you can easily:


  • Focus on your customers' needs across any channel, based on your customer's preference (including face-to-face and remote), from one simple location.
  • Engage with customers through highly personalized yet automated content that works intuitively.
  • Track your customer's reactions and insights from your content’s performance so you can know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Close the loop between marketing and sales by streamlining data, keeping customers engaged, and using automation to make handoff a breeze.
  • Access your CRM from anywhere, at any time – even when offline.


How our sales enablement solution helps your team:

Pitcher Super App FAQs

Why is Pitcher a Super App and what does it mean?

As a new generation of apps, Super Apps offer multiple use cases through a single platform by utilizing automation and aggregation. Pitcher strives to be the most complete and seamless solution on the market by giving teams all they need in one single app – no more switching between apps to accomplish multiple tasks or the same task.

What CRMs integrate with Pitcher?

Out of the box, Pitcher’s sales enablement platform integrates with Salesforce, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP/4HANA, Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Gmail. Pitcher has also partnered with Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP to ensure all integrations are smooth and secure. Furthermore, your team can take advantage of Pitcher’s well-documented API for your own extensions and integrations, eliminating the problem of siloed data and tool bloat.

Is Pitcher compliant with data privacy standards?

Yes. Pitcher follows GDPR best practices regarding data retention and privacy. Your customers have control over how their personal data is used.

Can the app be customized for my team?

Pitcher already offers industry-specific solutions out of the box. However, we also understand that one size never fits all – every business and customer is unique and requires personalized solutions. That’s why we’re happy to offer a wide range of customization possibilities, giving your team the flexibility to work in harmony as you define it.


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