Optimize your Sales Coaching and Sales Readiness

Get the edge over your competitors with Pitcher Coaching

For your team to be consistently winning, they need ongoing sales coaching, training and reinforcement of their learnings. 

With Pitcher Coaching you can prepare, coach, and train your sales force to use your key messaging effectively to engage customers and prospects. Pitcher Coaching helps your team meet their targets and guides them to stay aligned with your company’s strategy.

Our sales coaching and training solution empowers individual reps to be more efficient while providing management with real-time insight into how each rep is performing in the field. 


Lead your team to success with Pitcher Coaching:

  • Develop your team’s skills: Assess skills, share feedback on employees’ skills and track their progress over time. You get access to in-depth training, coaching and onboarding processes for new employees.
  • Ensure certified sales quality: Restrict access to sales collateral based on users acquiring certifications on certain sales skills.
  • Role play best practices: Record a role play, share with managers and peers and spread those best rated within the organization.
  • Create personalized training paths: Send employees on personalized training paths via an internal, microsite-based training academy.
  • Use rich templates: Choose from one of the existing templates and adapt to your own requirements.
  • Build your own apps: Build your own apps based on the Pitcher SDK and well-documented APIs.

Track progress for all reps, and access reports even offline  

With Pitcher, planning for success is easy: get access to action plan items, track sales reps' progress regularly anywhere and anytime, leverage the reporting capability to access reports both online and offline.

Easily capture any important observations from the field, transfer best practices across your team and provide instant feedback for individual team members who need it.




Examples of tasks with Pitcher Coaching: 

  • Coaches can record feedback on a coaching visit (in the Coaching Report), and view the status of half-yearly or yearly results in the Skill Evaluation report.

  • Coaches can update coaching assessments and fill in mandatory focus areas (skills) to finalize the rep’s development plan.

  • Coaches can request self-assessments from reps and provide timely action updates on Coaching Reports.


Create the right training content, based on individual needs

Training content is easy to create, publish and analyze: whether it’s a quick-fire video, a guide on sales coaching techniques, from either the office or the airport. It can be bite-size, available instantly when you need it and on any device.

Because everyone’s different, we need to take into account individual training needs based on both the person and the context. With Pitcher, you can ensure that the training is presented in a format that encourages learning.

With Pitcher Coaching, you can conduct private and remote coaching sessions with anyone on the team at any time. And, it’s convenient and effective.


Reps improve skills on their way to work or during their lunch break

Training anywhere, anytime. Because we're all busy and reps need to take advantage of any time in-between sales visits.

Our training formats include micro-learning and just-in-time (JIT) training to enable just that. Micro-learning has been shown to improve long-term knowledge retention. 

JIT training is “punchy”, so it’s easier for reps to learn and retain on the go using a mobile format, making the most of their time out and about. With JIT training, the knowledge is available precisely when it’s needed; employees are able to use their learnings to improve their performance right then and there. This also increases adoption rates, as it’s more likely that reps use it and it becomes more valuable. 

If you want to learn more about Pitcher Coaching, experience Pitcher by requesting a demo now. 

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