One of the world's largest international oil and gas companies succeeds in the digital enablement of its distributors’ reps

Situation and challenges:
Before 2016, the Company used a content management tool operated by its marketing agency. Distributor marketing advisors started to look for an easier administration tool that would reduce costs and eliminate the need for resources assigned to maintain the large amount of content.
The Company wanted a new technical solution to expand know-how and enable its distributors’ field and sales force with the right branded digital sales content to
sell their premium products worldwide. The customized content should help sellers present to customers more effectively, face-to-face or remotely, highlighting the benefits and avoiding price discussions for a premium segment. The new solution should not only reduce costs and be intuitive, but it should provide more sales enablement functionalities besides just content management.


«The response time of support and project managers is very fast. We rolled out Pitcher in multiple countries and for different BU, and it is worth it: distributor marketing has improved a lot. Thanks to Pitcher, we substantially improved how distributors serve customers and gave them access to content and knowledge while reducing costs to maintain and deploy it.» 


Solution and execution
After a PoC, Pitcher was successfully rolled out in APAC and EEMEA. With Pitcher, the Company launched a platform to increase the learning curve of product knowledge, streamline customer interactions and emphasize value-added selling among distributors’ reps and sales teams.
The tool is tailored toward the end-users. It looks and feels different depending on the business unit, local needs and compliance regulations, and can be accessed from the browser or the tablet, even when offline. With Pitcher, the internal marketing team takes care of the content localized in multiple languages, limiting the need for an agency to
maintain, update, share and retire the content throughout its entire lifecycle.

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