Oil & gas: progress made 34% faster from the first sales stage to the second

The fact that different user groups were involved early on in the project providing valuable feedback from actual field operations helped the initiative to see instant user adoption with over 95% of users interacting with the tool on a daily basis. The frequency of these interactions with the content also provided insights on the customers and the issues they experience most often.

The ability to instantly continue a conversation that was started weeks ago has reduced preparation time to several minutes while increasing the effectiveness of the distributor's representatives. First results have also shown that progress from the first to the second sales stage is being made 34% faster.


Pitcher’s versatile and flexible capabilities have made for quick, simultaneous rollouts within the region. Agile and intuitive UI has increased the rate of user adoption and willingness to use the solution more often.


A Fortune 500 oil and gas corporation wanted to enable its distributor’s field force by providing a tablet-based tool that would help them present to customers in a more professional and effective way. The tool was needed to help the field force appear knowledgeable in front of the customer while enabling them to support an argument for premium products by showing the benefits and avoiding price discussions.


At the time, there were already several solutions in use by various markets. This added to the challenge of integrating these existing tools and leveraging the work, efforts and investment of individual markets and creating a global solution.

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