MICHELIN: integrating complex solutions into a single piece of intuitive software for sales reps



Michelin's challenge was that sales content was being distributed across several repositories with no easy way to find sales collateral. When reps were in remote locations without an internet connection, typing up visit reports and meeting follow-ups would take over 20 minutes. Running TCO calculations for truck fleets would need hours of preparation as data had to be pulled from the Tire Information Management (TIM) system, creating friction between obtaining tire data and presenting results.


Pitcher provided Michelin with its native application which is entirely available offline. It was seamlessly integrated with Michelin's CRM (salesforce.com) and self-developed TIM system to automatically drive customer-specific TCO calculations using a combination of CRM and TIM data, automate visit reports and customer follow-ups, and make sales presentations customer-centric, allowing the sales rep to react to the customer's interests.


By integrating complex solutions into one single piece of intuitive sales engagement software, Pitcher empowers its users to be more productive and profitable.


Michelin rolled out Pitcher globally to thousands of sales reps in over 40 countries, reducing meeting preparation time and visit reporting to several minutes while providing marketing with full insights into sales collateral usage per customer and salesperson down to page level. This resulted in an overall increase in adoption of the CRM and a drastically improved customer experience.


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