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Sales enablement

It’s all about consistency in your customer journey and having access to the right insights

Why Pitcher?

What is sales enablement?

It’s a strategic customer-facing approach that involves cross-functional operations: marketing, sales, CSM, services, support and field force.

In simple terms, sales enablement is the process through which you increase your commercial teams’ success by providing them with the right content, onboarding tools, training, coaching, communications channels and ultimately, the technology they need to do their job more efficiently. So, whether they work remotely or face to face, sales enablement can help your team deliver a highly personalized experience to your buyers.


Sales enablement strategy aims to:

  • Increase ROI 
  • Engage with customers better throughout the buyer journey 
  • Align processes within commercial teams
  • Provide access to the best compliant digital content in the right context
  • Deliver the best-in-class onboarding techniques, training, and coaching for products and services and share best practices
  • Track and measure how assets are being used and how successfully
  • Use automation to focus on what matters the most and waste less time on unnecessary tasks
  • Offer intuitive mobile and offline capabilities to your teams on the go.


The promise of sales enablement is that your customer-facing teams will always have the right information at their fingertips to execute their jobs in line with your commercial strategy. Provide your salespeople with an all-in-one experience – less complexity, fewer distractions caused by administrative tasks, and more focus on getting the right message to the right audience.

Empower your people to help them reach full productivity, faster!

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Sales enablement tools complement marketing automation, and allow you to personalize the customer journey from awareness through to purchase. Content is key for a customer-centric approach. Align sales and marketing with closed-loop marketing by means of technology and make it happen.

Key benefits of sales enablement software:

Impactful meetings

On-demand access to the latest targeted content ensures you have a greater impact in sales presentations. It also helps you to project your brand image in a more professional way.

Increased efficiency

Detailed information on prospects allows your sales team to plan meetings more effectively, reducing unplanned downtime and shortening time-to-purchase.

Competitive advantage

When salespeople are better equipped, they will have an edge over competition. With increased confidence and capability, they can leave a lasting positive impression on prospects.

In-depth reporting

Gather and analyze vital data showing how your sales and marketing materials are received by prospects. This will allow your marketing team to improve future versions.


Reducing carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary travel and reliance on physical sales and marketing collateral helps meet corporate social responsibility goals.

Empower your sales and marketing teams

Giving your team members the support they need to do their job in the best way possible helps to build trust and drive engagement, thereby reducing staff turnover. Keeping talented professionals on board doesn’t just add to the bottom line; it builds a culture of success throughout the organization

An intuitive all-in-one application for sales enablement

Pitcher provides a single interface where you can manage all aspects of sales enablement, so there’s no need for your sales teams to keep up with multiple applications, user accounts, and passwords for:


  • CRMs
  • Content assets and players
  • Order apps 
  • Instore and sample management apps
  • Multi-channel communication apps
  • Offline and face-to-face meeting modes


Pitcher’s modularity makes it easy to scale your tech over time, in line with how your operations develop. 

The success of any sales enablement initiative hinges on adoption. That’s why you should provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage your buyer at each step of the buying process. Intuitive, familiar and user-friendly UIs coupled with availability in all operating systems and devices will help to successfully onboard your commercial teams. You’ll see the transformation, only if your teams ‘buy in’ to the solution and are satisfied with it.

At Pitcher, we truly believe that intuitive technology is key to elevating customer excellence. Simple though it may be, if your people like it, they’ll keep using it!



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The Pitcher SuperApp for Sales Enablement

Measurable savings

Independent research conducted by Forrester found that implementing Pitcher to power sales enablement resulted in significant savings in time and costs.


  • 364% ROI

  • 45 minutes per day saved by each field rep on admin tasks

  • Reduction in annual print spend of 71.5% by digitizing marketing assets

  • 50% upswing in productivity for marketing teams creating content

Overall, the research and financial analysis conducted by Forrester found that an average organization moving to Pitcher could expect an ROI of 364% over three years with the solution becoming cost-neutral within 3 months.

Key Features In Sales Enablement:

Pitcher supercharges sales enablement, giving your sales team a one-stop-shop for everything they need to target customers and better personalize the buyer experience.

Access to a range of applications that give the user unlimited text, images, PDF, video, and content formats in just a few clicks.

Multiple collaborative features and interactive tools, streamlining communication and teamwork and facilitating opportunities for coaching and training.

Detailed analytics and real-time reporting, providing your marketing team with the insights they need to ensure the continual improvement of your sales collateral.

Enterprise-grade security, protecting your team and your prospects while maintaining confidentiality at all stages of the sales process.

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