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1st solution globally to convert Excel-to-HTML5 with auto Salesforce connection.

Connecting Excel with Salesforce to make data capturing easy

  • Pitcher Spreadsheet
    Use your computer to create your layout, formula and let Pitcher do the rest.
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    Easy and fast to deploy and manage, even if distributed to thousands of reps. 
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Data Capture Made Easy: No Coding Needed!

  • Adding dynamic Salesforce content is as easy as typing in Excel.
  • Formulas, layouts and more are defined in Excel on the computer.
  • Pitcher’s Content Conversion Engine transforms your sheets into interactive HTML5 in a matter of minutes.
  • Data captured in these interactive sheets gets written back to Salesforce.com the next time device is online.
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Maximize agility while minimizing cost, your field teams will love it!

Define your Excel layout, use formulas across multiple sheets and more.

Add content from any Salesforce object, narrow the selection to the customer that is being visited and even autopopulate lists like assortments.

Automatically turn the Excel sheet into an interactive HTML5 content through Pitcher‘s Content Conversion Engine.

If you defined the Excel to limit results for an account, open the sheet during a visit to only show the Salesforce data linked to that account.
Not only does your Excel spreadsheet gets prefilled with dynamic data from Salesforce.com but also the data captured gets written back to the records next time the device is online.

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