Our Team

Pitcher is proof that a small team can achieve big things! With locations around the globe, we are a truly international company that has product experts working to make the lives of sales reps easier—whenever they need it and wherever they are.

Similarly to how having the right values means you don't need a big company to make a big impact, we believe that providing individuals with the right tools can empower them to improve their own performance. That's why, at Pitcher, we're focused on making the lives of inside and outside sales representatives a little easier and a lot more productive. We only call it a day and go home when we feel like we have made the day in a life of a rep more efficient and more effective. 

There are more than 75,000 people using Pitcher in 52 different languages in over 136 countries. We're proud to be a part of a company that is making a real difference for organizations of all sizes around the world. 

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way organizations market and sell - more effectively .

Thanks to a smart SuperApp Pitcher will transform the day in the life of a sales representative leveraging state of the art and compliant SaaS automation technology to scale efficiency and ROI.

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