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Take back control of your content. Have a bigger impact on your storytelling


Easily manage and transform your approved digital content, send it from different sources to your sales and field teams and increase customer engagement by insights.

Align and close the feedback loop with the rest of your revenue teams to succeed with an innovative all-in-one sales enablement solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing DAM, CMS and marketing platforms.

Stop guessing! Track how your content has been used and perceived and easily demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts.

Pitcher is intuitive

Benefits for Marketers:

Distribute the right content to the right team and transform it

Pitcher gives marketers easy-to-use cloud-based tools to create, edit and distribute powerful sales-focused content. Its conversion engine supports PPT/PPTX, Keynote, PDF, AVI, WMV, MP4, Wav, HTML5, and many more. Set permissions, push content to the team, create interactive surveys, translate content and embed rich media instantly. Compliance is easy with your customized internal approval flow.

Facilitate collaboration with sales teams and close the feedback loop

With digital sales aids and automated, personalized content at their fingertips, enable your sales and field force to engage customers strategically with the content that matters most to them and deliver substantial value to their key conversations. They can easily move prospects and buyers further along the sales process to close deals faster.

How will your team of marketeers use the Pitcher Super App?

Flexible, agile content creation

Content creators can easily create and upload content with intuitive drag and drop features, enabling your team to save time and money while keeping your marketing collateral up to date.

Central content approval and management

Once content has been uploaded to the cloud-based CMS, you can grant access selectively to anyone on your team to provide feedback before the content is deployed. Easily integrate Pitcher’s content management processes with existing internal approval workflows.

Simple and fast delivery

With a single click, pre-built user groups can be selected as content delivery targets. With just a few more, you can assign end dates for content use and manage user permissions.

See your content in action

See real-time analysis of how your content is performing in the field, find out who is using it and when, and automatically track viewer engagement and behavior.

Sales Enablement

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