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Pitcher works by simplifying and integrating the complex solutions you need to get the job done. Your marketing collateral, CRM, ERP, and other tools and platforms work together in a single hub, aligning marketing and sales teams instantly.


Our solution will make planning, executing and monitoring of daily manufacturing and industrial sales tasks better and easier for everyone on your team.

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Field Operations

Pitcher acts as a single point of contact between customers, distributors, and field reps. Marketing collateral, mission-critical tasks, and customer-facing activities can be created, assigned, and handled with ease, increasing data visibility for every team member and cutting down on productivity-killing administrative work.
Pitcher enables your field team to present the right content at the right time. Create highly engaging, personalized customer journeys using a variety of content formats, all of which work together seamlessly within Pitcher. Nonlinear, responsive content flows and out-of-the-box objection handlers make field users look like superstars.
Field reps will always have the latest CRM data at their fingertips—even when they’re offline. Handle route planning and previsit data access without connecting to multiple backend systems. Pitcher logs calls and updates CRM contacts with ease. Data used by distributors can be firewalled from central data for full confidence and control.
Data changes quickly. Reps can use Pitcher to conduct field audits, questionnaires, surveys, and stock checks. Did the customer make changes to their online store? Are they out of stock? Is there something you could be doing to improve their overall experience? Capture crucial, actionable information with a single tap.
Pitcher provides a powerful content sharing portal, connecting reps and customers via multiple sharing channels both in person and remotely. Reps can easily create customized portals and instantly share content—once the customer accesses it, their interactions with any shared collateral will be recorded and saved.
Using Pitcher’s Remote Control application, you can connect your tablet or laptop to a projector and control it via Bluetooth for problem-free presentations. Pitcher also can act as a remote meeting facilitator, making it perfect for hybrid reps or inside sales teams.

Pitcher’s Workflow For Field Users

Every field interaction is brought together seamlessly with one simple, unified solution, both online and offline.

Guide Your Sales Team

Reps will always have the most up to date marketing collateral and CRM data on their devices—even when they are offline.

Insights On The Go

Pitcher enables reps to act upon insights generated by real-time information. By combining CRM, ERP, and a mix of historical and live data, reps can prepare, plan, and tailor their interactions to stay on a sales-focused course.

Simple And Intuitive Execution

Field reps can easily present offerings, execute tasks, capture and interpret data, show relevant content, convince, sell, and change behaviors. All from one intuitive app.

Do (And Record) Everything

Out in the field, reps can instantly calculate TCOs, prepare quotes, collect orders, take notes, and share marketing materials. All of these interactions—along with data collected from each—are recorded for use in reporting and future visits.

Share With Prospects

After each visit, share notes with prospects and customers along with any selected content or other collateral via a microsite. Any post-visit customer interaction within this portal will be recorded and analyzed.

Update And Report

After each customer visit, field reps can instantly complete all CRM-related processes, even when offline.

Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager or Director, your goal is to shorten sales cycles, increase the value of deals, and help sales reps improve their productivity and reach their quotas. Pitcher empowers each individual sales rep to be efficient, effective, and engaging while providing real-time insight to management on how they are performing in the field.
Conduct private coaching sessions with anyone on your team using Pitcher. Capture observations from the field, transfer best practices, and provide instant feedback. Get access to action plan items, objectives, coaching guides, and more. Keep track of coaching records and leverage Pitcher Insight's reporting capability both online and offline.
Pitcher helps your sales team create and share visual reports with out-of-the-box reporting functions. Import / export data in multiple formats and combine data sets for offline analytics. Track progress in the field with real-time KPI analysis, keeping you and your team agile and able to react instantly to time-sensitive opportunities.
Using Pitcher you can create, publish, and analyze learning and development content easily. The same tool can be used for pitching and training purposes, giving you great insight into any L&D opportunities in the field without investing in external tools.


Pitcher puts sales managers and directors back into the driver’s seat.

Guide Your Sales Team

Sales managers can plan campaigns and key initiatives, and transfer best practices to help field reps create impactful customer experiences.

20/20 Field Vision From Anywhere

Managers and their teams enjoy real-time KPI analysis, meaning you can track progress in the field from anywhere, at any time—even offline.

Get Actionable Insights Now

Data-driven insights help guide your team on the path to sales greatness. New tactics and course corrections can be implemented the moment they are needed.


Marketers have an important story to tell to their target audience. To tell it well, they need content resources that they can share with key members of the team, while ensuring all collateral is up-to-date, compliant, and being used the right way by field team members. Pitcher gives marketing pros the upper hand with self-developing content creation. Content can be deployed (and, when necessary, recalled) rapidly and cost-effectively, without having to tap any third-party resources.
Pitcher gives marketers easy cloud-based tools to create, edit, and distribute powerful sales-focused content. Its conversion engine supports PPT/PPTX, Keynote, PDF, AVI, WMV, MP4, Wav, HTML5, and many more. Set permissions, push content to the team, create interactive surveys, translate content, and embed rich media instantly. Compliance is a breeze with your customized internal approval flow.
Your team’s content creation-distribution-consumption cycle will be more agile than ever before with CCE. Use Pitcher to instantly convert content to your desired format without losing important elements. Stop worrying whether File X will work on Device Y and start putting time and resources toward your next content project instead.
Stop guessing whether your valuable content is actually being used in the field. Get real-time content analytics, showing your team what is being downloaded, opened, and presented as it happens. Create and share visual reports with out-of-the-box CLM reporting functions, import and export data in multiple formats, and combine data sets for offline analytics.


Pitcher helps your marketing department optimize communications so your field team can close deals better and faster.

Flexible, Agile Content Creation

Content creators can easily create and upload content with intuitive drag & drop features, meaning your team saves time and money while keeping your marketing collateral up to date.

Central Content Approval & Management

Once content is uploaded to the cloud-based CMS, selectively grant access to anyone on your team to provide feedback before the content is deployed. Easily integrate Pitcher’s content management processes with existing internal approval workflows.

Built For Simple & Fast Delivery

With a single click, pre-built user groups can be selected as content delivery targets. With just a few more, you can assign end dates for content use and manage user permissions.

See Your Content In Action

Get real-time analysis of how your content is performing in the field. See who’s using it and when, and automatically track viewer engagement and behavior.

6 Reasons why pitcher is your enterprise sales enablement solution

Compatible Supports virtually any file format, any desktop OS, and any tablet vendor, with no hidden conversion costs.
Controllable Content conversion, delivery, hosting, integration—it all happens automatically and is controlled by you.
Cutting Edge Harnesses cloud computing, Bluetooth technology, offline storage, and much more.
Smart Powerful analytics engine processes your data and presents actionable insights to guide you and your team.
Globally Scalable Pitcher is fully capable of a multi-country, multilingual roll out across a range of departments and teams.
Completely Yours Each app looks and feels exactly like you want it to appear—there’s no limit to UI customization possibilities.

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