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Sales excellence and service transformation in manufacturing are easier with Pitcher

Improve your operations with the Pitcher Super App for sales enablement: from content automation and field excellence to compliant multichannel communication. Close the feedback loop of your marketing, sales, and services operations, increase your effectiveness and accelerate your growth.


Digitally transform and deliver engaging, personalized and fully compliant content by insights

Track and record each multichannel interaction for detailed and compliant reporting

Empower your commercial teams to succeed with closed-loop marketing

Easily align your sales, marketing, field and service reps


Streamline and scale your operations with the support of a flexible, intuitive and compliant all-in-one sales enablement solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM. Your teams will no longer need to be digital natives in order to succeed.

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Pitcher Super App for Sales Enablement

It’s your all-in-one marketing and sales enablement solution to help you execute your strategy. Elevate your customer interactions and better engage your customers with targeted and personalized content automation. Close the loop in your operations with innovative technology accessible at the click of a button, from home, in the office and on the go.

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The Pitcher Super App for Sales Enablement is built on industry best practices. Since 2011 The Super App has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises in the manufacturing, oil and energy, chemical, agriculture, tire, engineering, and automotive industries.


Improve planning, execution, and monitoring for your team’s daily manufacturing and industry sales tasks. Enable your sales and service reps, sales managers, and marketers to easily execute on strategy and succeed in manufacturing organizations.



Transform and manage all your digital content and share it with your teams to increase customer engagement by insights. Make sure your collateral is up to date, compliant and that your field team members are using it in the right way. Content can be rapidly and cost-effectively deployed (and recalled when necessary) without having to tap into any third-party resources.


Focus on your prospects and customers. Increase the effectiveness of your commercial processes. Shorten sales cycles, increase the value of deals and help sales reps improve their productivity. Optimize processes, activities and time before, during and after each customer meeting. Get real-time insights on how your teams are performing in the field. Train and coach them.


Increase data visibility and reduce administrative work to boost productivity. Pitcher is your single point of contact between your customers and customer-facing teams. Any static or dynamic content, training material, and customer-facing activities can be created and delivered in a compliant and trackable way. Everything is automatically logged into your CRM- even when you are offline.

Discover which use cases our customers use most:

Content Management

Create, edit, convert and share powerful and compliant sales and marketing content. Set permissions, push content to your team, create interactive surveys, translate content, and embed rich media instantly. Automate and share highly personalized content to the right audience to increase the quality of interactions with your buyers.

Guided Selling

Document automation connects multiple data sources to generate personalized content tailored to your specific audiences. Trusted customer advisors engage your clients through automated personalized digital sales aids and content recommendations that incorporate customer-specific information.

Multichannel Engagement

Connect remotely through any channel and initiate a screen broadcast from your device with just a few taps – including WhatsApp, WeChat and many more.

Order Management

Recommend orders on the go and stay competitive based on a smart mobile pricing engine (incl. CPQ).

Product Information

Connect any core enterprise system to Pitcher such as Product Information Management System (PIM)

3D Product Renderings

Showcase your products and how they work or how they fit in the environment.

Simplify the daily working lives of your sales teams:


Route Planning Optimization-manufacturing

Route Planning Optimization


Task Management-manufacturing-1

Task Management


Self-Guided Detailing-manufacturing

Self-Guided Detailing


Pre-Call Planning-manufacturing

Pre-Call Planning


Sales Presentation-manufacturing

Sales Presentation


Learning Portal-manufacturing

Learning Portal


Customer Management-manufacturing

Account Management


Multichannel Engagement-manufacturing

Multichannel Engagement



Sales Coaching


Post-Call Activities-manufacturing

Post-Call Activities


Remote Detailing-manufacturing

Remote Detailing


Team Collaboration-manufacturing

Team Collaboration


Find out more about how the Pitcher Super App works

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Why use the Pitcher Super App for manufacturing industries?



  • Adoption rate exceeds 80%
  • Streamline marketing and sales processes and see a clear increase in productivity
  • Smarter execution and increased control over your front-line operations
  • Increase ROI through the digitization and optimization of processes and simplify field tasks
  • Maximize the quality of customer meetings with personalized content which leads to longer and more engaged interactions
  • Scale growth with actionable insights

Streamline and scale your operations with the support of flexible, intuitive, secure and compliant multichannel technology that can seamlessly integrate into your existing CRM. One single point of entry for your reports, data analytics and CRM information. Customer data is visible and available offline and on the go. Pitcher offers global support and professional deployment, worldwide.

Equip your sales, marketing and service teams for success!