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Commercial excellence in life sciences is easier with Pitcher

Elevate your HCP interactions and optimize your commercial operations with one Super App for edetailing and closed loop marketing– from content delivery and sample management to multi-channel, compliant communication. Close the feedback loop in your marketing and sales operations and increase effectiveness.


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Empower your commercial teams to succeed with closed-loop marketing

Digitally transform and deliver engaging, personalized and fully compliant content to HCPs through insights

Track and record each multi-channel interaction for detailed and compliant reporting

Easily align sales, marketing and field reps


Streamline and scale your operations with the support of a flexible, intuitive and compliant all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM. Your teams will no longer need to be digital natives in order to succeed.

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The Pitcher Super App for Life Sciences Sales Enablement

The all-in-one solution for sales and marketing success in life sciences. Intuitive and easy to use for busy field reps and managers. Fully configurable to support your existing processes, systems, and compliance needs. Integrates with your existing medical CRM for end-to-end sales and marketing success. 

Pitcher is the leading life sciences sales enablement platform because we make it easy for you to succeed.

Request a demo today and see how we can help you streamline your sales and marketing operations, increase compliance, and improve commercial effectiveness. Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry – just like B2B sales enablement. 

In order to succeed, commercial teams must move quickly and adapt to change. With Pitcher, you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.

The Pitcher Super App for Sales Enablement is built on industry best practices. Since 2011, the Super App has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises in the life sciences, pharma sales enablement, biotech, generics, and medtech.


The Pitcher Super App for Sales Enablement is built on industry best practices. Since 2011, the Super App has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises in the life sciences, pharma, biotech, generics, and medtech.

How Pitcher Helps Life Science Sales and Marketing Teams

Field reps, sales managers, and marketers can execute strategy more efficiently and succeed in life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations with a connected health tool:



With Pitcher, you can quickly develop and deliver engaging, personalized, and compliant content to HCPs through our digital engagement channels. Our platform also makes it easy to track and record each interaction for detailed reporting and content compliance. This way, you can align your sales and marketing efforts and optimize your operations.


Pitcher makes it easy for field reps and MSLs to manage their day-to-day activities and stay compliant. With our all-in-one solution, reps can quickly access the information and resources they need for successful HCP interactions. Additionally, our platform integrates with your existing healthcare CRM, so you can manage your sales operations end-to-end.


Even if you're not a digital native, Pitcher's easy-to-use platform will make it simple for you to succeed in today's healthcare landscape with medical device sales enablement, CRM integrations, and more. With our flexible, intuitive solution, you can configure Pitcher to support your existing processes and compliance needs. Plus, our team is always here to help you get the most out of our platform.





Discover which use cases our customers use most

Closed-Loop Marketing

Highly engaging, non-linear personalized customer journeys using a variety of content formats.

Remote Detailing

Connect remotely through any channel and initiate a screen broadcast from your device with just a few taps.

Content Sharing

Rep-triggered email allows the user to share compliant content, in a user and customer-friendly way, thereby extending the engagement.

MSL Collaboration

Differentiate MSL engagements from commercial detailings and develop trusted collaborative relationships.

Sample Management

GxP compliant sample drops from the warehouse to the employee «trunk stock» to HCPs signatures. Never lose track.

Order Management

Recommend orders on the go and stay competitive based on a smart mobile pricing engine (incl. CPQ).

Consent Management

Recording consent and signatures for follow-ups with physicians has never been easier. Reps can manage channel permissions with just a few taps.

Content Management

Create, edit, convert and share powerful and compliant sales and marketing content. Set permissions, push content to your team, create interactive surveys, translate content and embed rich media instantly. Automate and share highly personalized content with the right audience toincrease buyer interactions.

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Why use the Pitcher Super App for Life Sciences?


  • Increase your ROI by 365% through digitization and process optimization.

  • Take control of your delivery of compliant content and embed regulations into your standard processes.

  • Streamline marketing and sales processes to see a clear increase in productivity (+19% on average).

  • Boost your field force effectiveness and control front-line operations.

  • Save time on administrative tasks and reduce printing costs by over 70%.

  • Maximize the quality of customer engagements with personalized content and an omnichannel experience that results in 50-100% longer meetings and more engaging interactions.

  • Accelerate growth with actionable insights from a multichannel experience.

Total economic impact by Forrester 2020

365% ROI*

$ 17.9 m savings in administrative time for 2,700 field reps in 3 years

+ 19 % increased productivity for the marketing team

< 3 month payback period

+ 45 min field reps save 45 minutes per day on admin tasks

- 71.5% printing costs reduced by 71.5%

$ 24.1 m total benefits (risk-adjusted) over 3 years

50 - 100 % longer meetings with customers, prospects, and providers

* from «The Total Economic Impact of Pitcher», a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pitcher published in May 2020


Streamlined Sales Enablement for Life Sciences


Streamline and scale your operations with the support of flexible, intuitive, secure, and compliant multichannel technology that can seamlessly integrate into your existing life sciences CRM sales tools. One single entry point for your reports, data analytics, and healthcare CRM information. 

Customer data is visible and available offline and on the go. Pitcher offers global support and professional deployment worldwide for improving your life sciences customer experience and sales engagement.


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Route Planning Optimization-1

Route Planning Optimization

Task Management

Task Management

Self-Guided Detailing

Self-Guided Detailing

Pre-Call Planning

Pre-Call Planning

Sales Presentation-1

Sales Presentation

Learning Portal

Learning Portal

Account Management

Account Management

Multichannel Engagement

Multichannel Engagement

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Post-Call Activities

Post-Call Activities

Remote Detailing

Remote Detailing

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

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