How do you align sales and marketing?


Get the insights to better align your sales and marketing today.

The pandemic and many business cases have demonstrated mercilessly that companies with good alignment between marketing and sales, focussed around patient and customer-centricity, outperform those where this alignment is poor or even non-existent. This is expressed through a substantial difference in:

  • Net revenue
  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Win rates

“Smarketing” is the new buzzword to express this effort toward strategy alignment through excellence in sales execution, a task for the rather newly created Rev Ops position in many life science organizations.

It is about uniting commercial teams behind a shared system/platform, strategy, goals, tactics and tools to enable marketing and sales to operate and execute equally as a unified organization in driving sustained business growth by understanding and delivering what customers and their patients really need.



  • “Smarketing”
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Definition of Success
  • Hybrid models
  • The use of technology


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