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House of Heroes

Are you looking for sales and marketing enablement stories from all over the world?


What is Pitcher House of Heroes?

Pitcher House of Heroes is a global customer event launched by Pitcher in 2021 to exchange best practices and know-how around sales enablement and customer engagement.

We believe that Sales Teams don’t need superhuman abilities or fancy costumes to achieve commercial excellence. The Pitcher Super App for sales enablement automation enables you to streamline sales and marketing processes, engage on and offline with customers, increase performance and transform data into actionable insights – all bundled into one powerful mobile application.

Check out how enterprise customers are using the Pitcher Super App and how they have been evolving their go-to-market strategies and revenue operations.


video 1 pitcher

Join Mert Yentur, Founder and CEO of Pitcher and discover how to turn your sales reps into superheroes. 



Video 2 pitcher

Watch Arik Brückner, CRO at Pitcher, and discover sales enablement trends, the future of Super Apps and what you can do with Pitcher for Sales Enablement



Elevate your sales excellence for more productivity and omnichannel customer engagement. 






Video 3 pitcher

Consumer Goods Trends 


Speaker: Michael Marzano, Advisory Board Member at POI






Video 4 pitcher

Consumer Goods Technology Trends and the Fireside chat with ROYAL CANIN

Speakers: Alain Denzler, Product Director at Pitcher & Michelle Mizen, Perfect Execution Manager at Royal Canin





Video 5 pitcher

Operationalizing Omnichannel, Improving Customer Engagement in Life Sciences

Speakers: Bas van de Kamp, Director Customer Success at Pitcher

& Dirk Abeel, Global Medical Sales Director at Reckitt




really small option video 6

Take a look inside the dedicated Life Sciences' workshop with Bas van de Kamp, Director Customer Success at Pitcher & Dirk Abeel, Global Medical Sales Director at Reckitt





Video 7 pitcher

Manufacturing Trends

Speakers: Ian Ballantyne, Sales Director EMEA at Pitcher
& Arik Brückner, CRO at Pitcher




Video 8 pitcher (1)

Sales Enablement at Axalta

Speakers: Timur Oezgul, Back office manager at Axalta
& Ian Ballantyne, Sales Director EMEA at Pitcher





Video 9 pitcher (1)

Financial Services Industry Trends & Fireside Chat with Andy Zeigler at Olmstead


Speakers: Marc Schnabolk, Sales Director North America at Pitcher Andy Zeigler at Olmstead





The principal success story with Pitcher

The Principal Financial Success Story 


Speakers:  Marc Schnabolk, Sales Director North America at Pitcher
& Phoukham Baccam, Asst Dir - eBusiness Marketing at Principal Financial Group





Video 11 pitcher

10th years’ anniversary story with our first customer using  the Pitcher application: IBSA


Speakers: Malesa Sidjanski, Head of Swiss Business Operations at IBSA,
Mert Yentur, CEO & Founder at Pitcher
& Laura Mattiucci, Marketing Manager at Pitcher



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