Financial Services Sales Enablement


The simplest way to execute your strategy and make your commercial teams and advisors more efficient.

Pitcher’s Super App for financial services sales enablement empowers your commercial sales teams to succeed.

The Pitcher app was specifically developed to support and streamline all finance customer interactions along the buyer journey. Instead, your teams can focus on what they do best: engaging your buyers. Built on the commercial banking industry’s best practices, the Pitcher Super App aligns your marketing, sales, and customer-facing teams’ activities at the click of a button, from home, in the office, or on the go – all while maintaining strict industry compliance.

Streamline and scale your fintech or financial services operations with the support of a flexible, intuitive, and compliant all-in-one sales enablement solution. Pitcher integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM for wealth management or finance. Your teams don’t need to be digital experts to improve the sales process and streamline internal communication.

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Pitcher for Financial Services Sales Enablement

Pitcher is your all-in-one marketing and banking sales enablement solution to maximize the impact of your commercial execution – in-house and at the advisors.

Close the loop between marketing and sales handoff and optimize your operations with content automation, content personalization, compliant delivery, effective field operations, and real-time insights.

Automatically store all your interactions in your CRM with baked-in security specifically for the financial service and banking sectors.


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The Pitcher Super App for Sales Enablement is built on industry best practices. Since 2011, the Super App has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises in the financial services, banking, insurance, and wealth management industries.


How Pitcher Helps Financial Services Sales and Marketing Teams


Easily personalize, transform, disclose and automate your compliant digital finance content – internal and external – with marketing automation for financial advisors and sales teams. Improve your selling process by capturing real-time banking and financial insights to optimize client journeys across every touchpoint. Sensitivity is required when it comes to your client data. In financial services, you cannot afford to put data at risk with bloated CRM integrations and software designed for a mass audience across multiple sectors. With Pitcher, however, you can easily distribute, control access, and maintain GDPR content compliance with your CRM permissions for automated risk management. Whether you’re managing and distributing internal content to your team or external content to your clients and leads, Pitcher has you covered.


Focus on your financial buyers’ engagement – increase business intelligence, transparency, and the overall effectiveness of your commercial finance activities. Onboarding, coaching, and real-time insights on performance are key. Shorten fintech sales cycles while simplifying and optimizing sellers’ activities before, during, and after each commercial client meeting for more targeted and engaging interactions. Empower each individual sales rep to be efficient and effective with the power of automation – all from a single dashboard.


Focus on your buyers’ engagement: increase business intelligence, transparency and effectiveness of your commercial finance, banking, and fintech activities. Onboarding, coaching and real-time insights on performance are key for maintaining lasting relationships with clients, improving customer lifetime values across the board. In financial services – especially commercial finance – personalized onboarding is critical today for solidifying your relationship early. Pitcher helps you shorten sales cycles by simplifying and optimizing sellers’ activities before, during, and after each client meeting for more targeted and engaging interactions.

Discover Our Top Customer Use Cases:

Content Management

Aggregate, convert, and distribute powerful content from different sources with sales asset management software. Pitcher helps you use powerful automation to do it all. Make it easy for your advisors to find the right targeted content, enhanced with your CRM data. For highly regulated environments, compliant content delivery is paramount. Pitcher helps keep your content secure and your data away from the wrong sets of eyes without sacrificing timely and personalized delivery. Enable your team to communicate more efficiently on leads and customers. Empower your clients and leads to make informed decisions regarding their finances. Pitcher has your back – and your clients’.

Guided Selling

Document automation connects multiple data sources to generate personalized content tailored to your specific audiences – whether fintech, commercial finance, or general banking. Other pieces of sales enablement software geared towards a mass audience can certainly accomplish these tasks but they might lack the unique approach to security the financial sector demands. With Pitcher, however, you can connect data sources without jeopardizing safety for cutting edge advisor sales enablement. Provide personalized offers. Help your clients use their own data more effectively as part of the buying process. Trusted customer advisors engage your clients through automated personalized digital sales aids and content recommendations that incorporate customer-specific information.

Financial Planning Calculators

When you connect your core enterprise system to Pitcher, you can provide your team with custom sales scenarios on the fly. Put your data to work for both your team and your customers with personalized financial planning calculators. Leads will approach your team more informed of their own financial situation and needs, streamlining the buyer’s journey and tightening up loose ends. Make things easier for both your team and your clients with Pitcher.

Customer Portal

Enable your sales users to provide microsites for customers to access shared content and track what has been viewed. Give your clients control over their privacy with access to data controls and how their information is used. Provide financial clients with the specialized tools they need – and may not even realize they need – to conduct their own business efficiently, understand their situation, and make sound decisions. Make your company an asset to customers with a personalized customer portal from Pitcher.

Multichannel Engagement

Pitcher is your ultimate tool for financial services sales enablement. Connect remotely through any channel and initiate a screen broadcast from your device with just a few taps – including WhatsApp, WeChat and many more. Give your clients and leads control over how to contact your company across any touchpoint. In financial services, this is critical for earning trust by connecting with customers wherever they feel most comfortable. Avoid losing track of high-value finance leads during the buyer’s journey with seamless handoffs between devices and apps. Streamline data to a single location in your own dashboard to empower your sales team with valuable insights and visualizations. Pitcher makes it easy to help your team and clients transition between platforms and apps.

Real-time Analytics

Unique sentiment analysis allows your sales team to track banking and financial customer interests and feelings.Put real-time content analytics to work: Find out what has been downloaded, opened, and presented during interactions. With Pitcher’s comprehensive reporting, you can easily access custom reports and dashboards at any time – even when offline. Reports can be viewed on account-level performance, including achievements and coaching for different skill areas. Teams will quickly see what is performing and which leads to focus on.


Simplify your sales team workflow:

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Route Planning Optimization)Financial services

Route Planning Optimization

Task Management-Financial services

Task Management

Self-Guided Detailing-Financial services

Self-Guided Detailing

Pre-Call Planning-Financial services

Pre-Call Planning

Sales Presentation-Financial services

Sales Presentation

Learning Portal-Financial services

Learning Portal

Customer Management-Financial services

Account Management

Multichannel Engagement-Financial services

Multichannel Engagement


Webinars-Financial services

Sales Coaching

Post-Call Activities-Financial services

Post-Call Activities

Remote Detailing-Financial services

Remote Detailing


Team Collaboration-Financial services

Team Collaboration

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Why use the Pitcher Super App for financial services sales enablement?


  • Adoption rate typically exceeds 80%
  • Take back control of your compliant marketing collateral and embed regulatory procedures into your standard processes
  • Smarter execution and increased control over front-line operations and see a clear increase in productivity
  • Increase ROI through the digitization and optimization of processes and simplify administrative tasks
  • Maximize the quality of customer meetings with personalized content which leads to longer and more engaging interactions
  • Scale growth with actionable insights

Streamline and scale your financial services operations with the support of flexible, intuitive, secure, and compliant multi-channel technology that can seamlessly integrate into your existing CRM.

One single point of entry for your reports, data analytics and CRM information. Customer data is visible and available offline and on the go while maintaining the unique privacy and compliance requirements finance, banking, and fintech demands.

Pitcher for financial services sales enablement offers worldwide global support, GDPR compliance, and professional deployment for the smart application that adapts to your needs.


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