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  • Which modules are part of the standard equipment of the Pitcher app?

    A1: The Pitcher Business Solution contains 10 modules which aim to streamline various tasks
    and engagements depending on your business operations and the industry you are serving.
    Pitcher Impact: A patented mobile solution that acts as the hub for other modules, Pitcher
    Impact streamlines customer interaction and tracks reactions to marketing collateral,
    effectively closing the marketing feedback loop.
    Pitcher Live!: The module that enables users to initiate remote engagements within the
    app with the support of video and audio.
    Pitcher Zero: Offers offline CRM with zero connectivity. Access data, make changes and
    apply validation rules to CRM data even when completely offline.
    Pitcher Instore: A smart automation used mostly in the CPG industry. Empowers users to
    rapidly yet reliably capture instore data. Significantly increases the number of data points
    captured per visit.
    Pitcher Sales: Sophisticated trading that helps improve gross-to-net performance. Sales
    cockpit tailored to local trade restrictions for order processing and an offline eligibility
    engine for full control of discounts.
    Pitcher Inflight: Inflight reporting with all the world’s data. Review visually appealing
    dashboards on tablets even when completely offline and allow mobile users to track any KPI
    with ease.
    Pitcher Connect: Allow customer dialogue to be continued after the visit through co-
    browsing and let reps determine what content customers can access for self-guided viewing
    through their browser.
    Pitcher Admin: Cloud-based, automatic conversion engine for drag and drop marketing
    material distribution, enabling self-service content management and low TCO.
    Pitcher Insight: Virtual analyst-in-a-box, your data when needed most. Connect multiple data
    sources to one front end with fully documented APIs and no hidden costs.

    Pitcher Remote: Remotely control the Pitcher Impact app via a second mobile device such as
    your phone or tablet to enhance customer engagement and guide them through any
    Pitcher Coaching: Privately coach or be coached by anyone in your organization. Share
    coaching spaces to include additional observers and participants.
  • Which apps can I use offline?

    All the apps mentioned above can be used offline without needing connectivity. Users will
    be able to sync their engagements and all related data once they are back online without
    hindering their daily activities.
  • Can I use my CRM/Pitcher offline?

    Yes, you can. Offline capability applies to accessing and utilizing your CRM data as well.
  • Which languages are available and how many?

    The solution’s user interface has 35 language configuration capabilities, and these are:
    English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
    Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Canadian French, German, Greek,
    Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian,
    Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,
    Ukrainian and Vietnamese. But ask our team as with every release new languages are being
  • Can sales teams use Pitcher to engage customers with live teleconference capabilities?

    With Pitcher Live!, reps can create one single session to present to multiple customers,
    thereby giving them the power to increase their productivity and reach. They can also
    leverage hybrid scenarios where some participants are present and some are remote.
    Pitcher Live! enables users to initiate remote engagements within the app with the support
    of video and audio. Customers, on the other hand, can join from their browsers or mobile
    devices to view what the user is presenting from Pitcher Impact. Not only will they be able to
    see and hear the rep, but they will also be able to interact with the content as if they were
    sitting next to each other.
  • Can you provide analytics for the engagements?

    The out-of-the-box analytics module called Pitcher Insight can provide visualizations and
    dashboards for quick assimilation of buyers engaging with and consuming content, such as
    views, time spent on pages, slides, videos and shares.
    The platform tracks seller' use of content such as where and when they use content in the
    buying cycle. It tracks how and when training content is consumed. It provides
    leaderboards/gamification to inform other sellers as well as marketing and sales leaders
    what the top-producing sellers are doing.
  • What are the core capabilities you support? (E.g. initial opening, pages viewed, time viewed and forwarding to other recipients.)

    Buyer consumption: an out-of-the-box tool, Pitcher Insight, provides real-time insight into
    seller behavior. It has an extensive set of analytics such as views, number of meetings,
    duration spent and parameters such as content type, content name, chapters, tags,

    consumption mode (remote, F2F, self-guided), customer segmentation, etc. Using this
    system, our customers can get started with a ready-made dashboard that shows industry
    best practices, or they can build their own reports using our data cubes. Dashboards can be
    consumed online interactively or can be subscribed to for scheduled delivery via email.
    Seller consumption: Pitcher Insight is also integrated into the SFA. This not only allows
    marketers to analyze content consumption, but to correlate it with their opportunity
    pipelines or customer segmentations too. We also distinguish ‘Pitching Mode’ vs. ‘Training
    Mode’. In ‘Training Mode’, a rep is not presenting to anyone – they are simply browsing. This
    flows into a different cube where L&D analytics can be built upon.
    Pitcher Inflight provides extensive out-of-the-box gamified reports that enable sellers to
    correct their course throughout daily interactions and drive content adoption and behavior
    across users. This way, sellers don't need to wait for marketers or managers to assess their
    skills – instead, they can see what they should be focusing on and what they need to be
    doing more or less of in the next interaction. This can even be coupled with their incentive
    Marketing ROI: ROI for marketing is no longer only about saving print costs or the express
    delivery of sales collateral. Pitcher's customers would like to understand which part of their
    marketing budget works. Pitcher provides dashboards that graphically visualize which
    segment of customers best responds to specific messaging and what doesn't work at all. If
    there is a visible opportunity pipeline, Pitcher overlays each step. If not, reps can easily
    provide input about the sentiment of the buyers so, even in markets where there is no direct
    deal closing (e.g. pharmaceutical sales or financial advisory), marketing can easily run A-B
    campaigns to make more informed decisions.
    Channel insights: Pitcher Insight’s analytical capabilities are available irrespective of whether
    Pitcher is used as a standalone platform or integrated with channel partners' CRM or ERP
    systems. Pitcher take into consideration the data sensitivity. So a distributor for a large
    corporation can have named analytics for each opportunity, whereas the parent company
    can see anonymized aggregates. We have deployed this with several large enterprises in
    indirect markets and this flexibility in configuring permission-based analytics has proven
    essential for the success of and adoption by the indirect channel.
  • What type of AI/machine learning do you offer?

    Pitcher Predict, Pitcher's ANN-based machine learning solution has a configuration interface
    for the dimensions that should be considered for clustering and tagging to give
    recommendations. These dimensions differ from customer to customer, however, in most
    cases, we see a combination of CRM data, social media data, DWH input and content
    analytics as inputs and KPIs (such as net profit increase, quota hits, visit attainment increase)
    as success criteria. However, just having these inputs and outputs is not enough for any
    algorithm to succeed. The size of the data set also matters. Therefore, if a customer has a
    relatively large organization, Pitcher can work automatically and make recommendations
    (Pitcher can use the same technology stack as Salesforce Einstein or AWS). Alternatively,
    customers tag from the very first day, and make heuristic assumptions until the data size is
    large enough.
  • Can you create dashboards? Can they be individualized?

    Unique dashboards can be created and shared with every user. Users can either access the
    web-based panel to view dashboards or if they have Pitcher Impact, they can access the
    offline version of these dashboards. The system can be configured to initiate dashboard
    reporting, with reports being sent on a periodic basis to each individual's email account.
  • Can managers have their own dashboards?

    Dashboards are designed to provide data to each user depending on their hierarchical place
    within the company. A sales rep will only get their territory information for instance,
    whereas the sales manager will get results from the reps who are assigned to them. Pitcher
    provides reports on people who are accessing dashboards.
  • Do you support real-time collaboration via messaging?

    Pitcher's native CRM integration leverages existing messaging services offered by the
    respective CRM provider and makes them available offline. Additionally, Pitcher's
    proprietary in-presentation voice and audio chat functionalities allow for ad-hoc
    collaboration and support during sales interactions (e.g. technical/scientific support) or for
    seller-buyer multichannel communication.
  • Can a user send a message to a prospect using SMS or a team collaboration platform?

    Yes. Pitcher offers a full range of multichannel capabilities. Depending on legal requirements, the buyer has to first provide consent for the channels they would like to be contacted on. Afterwards, these channels will be leveraged for content sharing and ad-hoc messaging. So that the seller does not have to monitor several channels, they can also choose a preferred channel through which all customer/prospect communication will be funneled. Supported channels include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram, Kakao and Apple Business Chat.
  • What security capabilities do you offer for instant messaging?

    AES-256 encryption at rest and during transmission.
  • Can the solution be branded or customized for the client?

    We took a different and innovative approach when developing the Pitcher Impact app. We
    decided to build the first layer from native app which provides the fast and stable
    environment required for any mobile solution to operate in. Secondly, an HTML5 layer was
    built on top of the native layer to provide industry-specific solutions that can also service
    customer-specific needs such as branding. This layer can be modified even by the customer
    themselves via Pitcher Admin, facilitating continuous customer experience and flexibility
    while providing the desired native app performance.
  • Do you offer sales readiness, coaching, or learning capabilities?

    Yes readiness, onboarding training and coaching can be done within Pitcher.
    The Pitcher Coaching module offers behavior-based readiness content recommendations,
    step-by-step video coaching with ad-hoc training requests, virtual roleplays with an instant
    rating and feedback functionality, peer-to-peer ratings, collaborative evaluations and smart
    success-based incremental development. Roleplays can be in real time, peer-to-peer with a
    manager or group audience or recorded for later consumption. The training experience can
    be interactively enriched for self-training or ad-hoc feedback/quiz cycles. Sharing capabilities

    can be fully controlled (i.e. who sees what for how long) either manually or systematically by
    role or function.
  • What kind of sales content management features and capabilities do you offer for users and admins?

    During the conversion process, we automatically extract and index the text within the
    content. Taxonomy building of content is done automatically for free text search by our
    users. On top of that, we allow our customers to choose from more than 25 different UI
    options, each geared towards a particular behavior and sales cycle. This, plus the
    configuration parameters we provide, is geared towards minimizing search requirements.
    Since mobile devices are not built for typing, we try to minimize typing as much as possible
    by using a combination of measures, including the intuitive organization of content, voice
    recognition and AI.
    Pitcher has its own artificial neural network-based content recommendation engine called
    Pitcher Predict. Pitcher Predict automatically selects the relationship between customer
    attributes, content attributes and real-time customer sentiment feedback from the reps. It
    calculates success using the KPIs defined by our customers (increased sales, shorter sales
    cycle, campaign enrollment, etc.) and re-weighs its neuronal weights. Once the dataset is
    wide enough, we can offer the best action to sales reps depending on the situation they are
    in. We have measured success rates upwards of 80% compared to the top sales team from
    among our major customers where predictions were accurate.
    We do not want to make chatbots out of sales reps. Pitcher is here to enable reps to become
    better reps by making them more efficient, effective and relevant to their customers. Pitcher
    therefore allows its users to create custom journeys for their customers while still adhering
    to corporate compliance rules. For example, an admin can lock certain parts of a
    presentation deck to make sure reps not only talk about the per liter cost but about the total
    ROI as well. Or compliance can make sure that information is being presented in a balanced
    way. This flexibility vs. compliance approach, coupled with a customer 360° dataset that
    updates the content as well as pre, during or post-meeting surveys create a positive
    feedback loop where the return of every minute of interaction is maximized. Should this fail,
    reps have a very simple way to provide feedback: simply swiping on the lower part of the
    screen. Using this patented technology, they can immediately notify the marketing
    department about what works and what doesn't.
    Pitcher has a proprietary content conversion engine (CCE) based on the AWS conversion of
    files (types include .ppt, .pptx, .key, .pdf, .xls, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mp3, .wav, .mpeg, .3DS,
    .Blender, .USDZ, etc.) to appropriate end formats and optimization for access on various
    mobile operating systems and devices. For AR, we work with OS manufacturers to provide
    industry standard solutions to our customers as we have already deployed markerless AR
    solutions to a variety of our customers.

    Pitcher’s backend users can govern the field sales force’s level of flexibility in tailoring
    corporate content on their own mobile devices. This includes creating building blocks of
    content that can either be used in any order or an exact order, or defining disclaimer slides
    that will be inserted automatically at the end of a custom presentation to ensure legal
    compliance. By default, Pitcher will notify the user about new or updated content to ensure
    the most recent content is accessed and downloaded. The content conversion engine makes
    sure all interaction with content (including editing) is tracked, compliant and can be analyzed
    by administrators. We ensure that by default only the latest version is available across the
    sales organization.
    Pitcher supports interactive tools like ROI and product calculators either via HTML5 or by
    using Pitcher Spreadsheet which converts XLS files into HTML5 as part of the content
    conversion process. In combination with the Pitcher Moustache functionality, it supports
    real-time dynamic population from the CRM system and can create content dynamically
    based on these inputs. Not only is data entered in tools and calculators fully trackable via
    Pitcher Insight, Pitcher's proprietary analytics tool, but it can also be written back to the
    CRM. These tools can also be used as part of custom decks created by users and will
    maintain their interactivity and dynamic data population capability irrespective of where
    they are used.
  • Which types of content can you send to a prospect or customer (presentations, videos, MS Word files, etc.)? Are there file size limitations?

    Presentations, brochures, spreadsheets, videos, surveys, interactive HTML5 (i.e. calculators
    or product selectors), MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint. There are no file size
    limitations when using Pitcher Zero (sharing via download URL) or Pitcher Connect (sharing
    via microsite).
  • Can content include CRM information when presenting to customers without users having to populate it manually?

    There are several ways in which Pitcher can handle this. The first option is to use Pitcher's
    Moustache functionality which lets administrators use a Pitcher proprietary syntax to define
    placeholders in common content pieces (i.e. PPT or XLS) to dynamically populate them with
    any field from the CRM system – no coding required. The second method is by using
    placeholders in HTML5 which are filled manually or automatically before or during a
  • Can videos and rich media be added to presentations?

    You can embed any existing videos and surveys in presentations (PPT, Keynote, HTML5) and brochures (PDF) with just a couple of clicks. To do this, you will need to access the presentation from Pitcher Admin and use enhancement tools to select the area you want to insert and the content you want to embed.
  • Which integrations are possible?

    Pitcher supports a variety of CRM, ERP, CMS and CLM, for instance, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce, SAP, MS-Dynamic and Oracle.
  • Customization: is it possible to customize the app for my team?

    Yes, Pitcher can be customized. We offer industry-specific solutions which allow your teams
    to cover a vast range of use cases relevant in your industry. But seeing as one size does not fit
    all, Pitcher offers a range of customizable possibilities to allow your teams to work effortlessly and

  • With which CRM platforms does your sales engagement product integrate?

    Salesforce.com, Oracle OnDemand, MS Dynamics, and SAP C/4HANA.
  • How does your product integrate with CRM platforms?

    Pitcher is built to cover more than just the show and tell interactions. It has out-of-the-box
    integration plugins for Salesforce.com, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP
    C/4HANA, Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail. Pitcher is also an OEM partner of Salesforce.com
    and has partnered with Microsoft and SAP for Dynamics and C/4HANA integration.
    Integration is not just for the writing back of interactions, it also enables offline read/write
    access of data and metadata. This facilitates pre-call and post-call interactions for a sales rep
    and opens up possibilities for many more integrated experiences, such as CPQ, expense
    management and call planning/reporting. Pitcher also has a well-documented API for further
    extensions, making it possible to position Pitcher as a piece in the puzzle rather than a siloed
  • Does your product run inside the CRM platform or does it just provide updates to opportunities and accounts?

    Pitcher's CRM integration is natively built on the respective CRM, therefore allowing
    read/write access to the data and metadata of objects beyond the standard account and
    opportunities objects (i.e. including custom objects created by the customer and/or SI). For
    inside sales use cases, Pitcher also runs inside the CRM application.
  • When I share content with my prospects, will I get alerts when customers access the content I have shared?

    Alerts can be made via email, as push notifications or within the CRM, letting you know not
    only if and when the content was accessed, but time per slide and progress of content
    preview too. Alert triggers can be set for individual pages or chapters, making sure the seller
    receives the appropriate alert at the right time.
  • What is the onboarding and training process like?

    Pitcher follows a ‘train the trainer’ approach. Training can be held online or in person.
    Pitcher products support easy onboarding due to intuitive and device-native product design.
    Most of our existing customers take advantage of Pitcher Platform to conduct individualized
    e-learning courses and gauge performances with the assistance of our advanced reporting
  • Does your product support handicapped users (section 508)?

    All components of Pitcher are accessible using system accessibility support tools such as
  • Is your app native or responsive?

    All our apps in IOS, Google Android and Windows are native and are updated for each OS
    version or whenever a customer requests an update.
  • What type of certifications do your data centers and applications qualify for (SSAE 16, SAS 70)?

    Pitcher employs a duly defined and controlled Quality Management System, PQMS. It not
    only defines industry-standard quality and security mechanisms and controls, but it also
    ensures that product development, product releases and product quality are consistent and
    meet customer expectations. Pitcher is TRUSTe certified for data privacy and goes through
    periodic audits.
  • What is included in the SLA?

    There are three SLA options. Base support, advanced support and premium support
    depending on the support you choose in your contract.
  • Are updates included?

    Updates to the native Pitcher application are made available to all our customers.
  • My user base is all over the world. Can you handle a global roll-out?

    Yes, Pitcher has a track record of professionally handling global roll-outs. References can be
    provided upon request.
  • How do I reach Pitcher quickly?

    There is a dedicated global support team which can be contacted as specified in the SLA.
  • How do I contact customer services?

    Depending on the defined support model, customer support can be contacted via email or
    via the support portal. Contact us via email, support@pitcher.com, or by using the portal on
  • On which devices can we use Pitcher?

    iOS devices, Windows tablets and Android devices.
  • Can Pitcher handle specific regulation requirements, e.g. GxP/CSV or FINRA?

    Pitcher has customers in various industries and has specific products and services available
    to support controlled environments and challenging requirements. Details and use cases will
    need to be discussed individually.
  • Is the application compliant with data privacy standards?

    Pitcher follows all applicable data privacy standards required for SaaS operations. Pitcher
    products are kept up to date to keep pace with the shifting and ever-increasing privacy
    requirements of a complex world.

  • Can I roll out Pitcher to countries with different compliance regulations, depending on where my users are?

    Pitcher supports many national and supra-national compliance regulations, but for specific
    use cases and countries it might be necessary to discuss in more detail.
  • Who has access to my data?

    Pitcher follows security and quality best practices and applies industry standards for data
    handling and processing. Access to customer data follows the ‘least to know’ principle and
    customers define who will have access to their data.
  • Do I have to be online to access my content/data?

    The Pitcher family of products is all about enabling personal interaction in offline
    (disconnected) situations. Of course, certain activities and functionalities will require you to
    be online, for example, when conducting virtual meetings with audio/video or updating the
    mobile device to synchronize the latest data. However, the main activities on the tablet or
    smartphone can be done in offline mode.
  • Why is Pitcher a Super App and what does it mean?

    Super Apps are a new generation of apps that offer multiple specific use cases in one single
    application. The trend started in China for consumers and is rising. The Super App favors
    aggregation. The innovators behind them want the user to access numerous options on one
    single application, instead of having to log on to each one separately. Pitcher simplifies the
    daily working lives of sales reps and commercial teams with one single application that
    streamlines most of their activities, at the office, at home, or on the go. It also works offline.
  • How easy is it to use the platform?

    Pitcher is very intuitive. We place a lot of importance on ease of use which is key for
    high adoption. Pitcher was got the Highest Rated in Enterprise User Adoption for
    Sales Enablement by G2 Crow in June 2021.
  • How long has Pitcher been on the market?

    Pitcher was founded in 2011 by Mert Yentur who is still leading the company. Omnichannel
    sales models have seen accelerated adoption in the last decade. Enterprises are looking for
    omnichannel sales enablement solutions because of the breadth of functionality and their
    flexibility in the field. To address the complicated ecosystem of marketing, sales and field
    team needs, Pitcher created its Super App, an omnichannel, end-to-end and unified sales
    enablement platform for enterprises. Today, Pitcher is deployed in 140 countries.

  • Which organizations already use Pitcher?

    Fortune 500 companies and brands like: Sandoz, Pfizer, Roche, P&G, Johnson & Johnson,
    Müller, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Reckitt, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Henkel, Axalta, Sika,
    ExxonMobil, Michelin, Royal Caribbean, Transamerica, Principal and many others.
  • Which industries is Pitcher specialized in?

    Pitcher is a mature and solid solution. It offers a very deep and granular understanding of
    the specific needs of the life sciences, manufacturing, consumer goods and financial services