Consumer Goods


Transform your commercial execution framework

Your all-in-one Super App, helping you meet your consumer demands and support your retail partners by transforming your commercial execution to be more agile and customer-centric.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Engage with customers seamlessly and on their channel of choice.

Key Account Management

Adapt data-driven strategic planning to unlock channel growth.

Optimized Retail Execution

Enable fields sales teams to turn every store into a perfect store.

Content Management & Automation

Tailor content to the right audience and the right channel.

Coaching & Enablement

Train, support and coach your teams anywhere and anytime.

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Pitcher for the Consumer Goods industry

We put your customers at the heart of your front office operations and connect your planning, marketing and execution on a single platform.

Pitcher brings long-standing retail excellence expertise in the consumer goods industry. Our solution is built on cross-industry best practices and is adapted to your business's specific needs.



The Pitcher Consumer Goods Super App for Sales Enablement is built on industry best practices. Since 2011, the Super App has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises in the consumer goods, food & beverage, beauty & personal care, household essentials & pets, apparel & accessories and health industries.

What makes us different? 


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Our industry specific solutions

Content Automation

Content automation tailors content to the right audience and the right channel - at the right time.


  • Personalized content: Tailor content to the individual characteristics of each customer.

  • Increase relevance: Match your audiences to the right content with target segmentation.

  • Win at every point of sales: Deliver the right content to the right outlet and channel - at the right time.

  • Maximize in store sales: Integrate content and order capture.

  • Closed loop feedback: Sales and marketing alignment; analyze content engagement sentiment.

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Omni-channel retail execution

Win at every point of sales & deliver engaging experiences cross channel.


  • Optimize visit schedule: Through integrated segmentation and account profiling.

  • Achieve picture of success: Automated data collection and offline in app task execution.

  • Guided selling: Recommended content, virtual analyst-in-a-box and competitive insights.

  • Maximize in store sales: Maximize sales with mobile order capture.

  • Multi-channel engagement: Engage and support customers on their channel of choice.

Sales Coaching & Enablement

Personalized sales coaching and training to transform your reps into trusted advisors.


  • Develop skills: Assess skills, share feedback on employees’ skills and track their progress over time.

  • Certified sales quality: Restrict access to sales collateral based on users obtaining certifications in specific sales skills.

  • Role play best practices: Record role play, share with managers and peers and spread those best rated within the organization.

  • Personalized training paths: Send employees on personalized training paths based an internal, microsite-based training academy.

Optimising your sales coaching for sales excellence (1)-1

Transform your commercial execution today!