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Consumer Goods


Elevate each selling moment. Bring your brand story to life through customer-specific insights.

Pitcher is your all-in-one, award-winning consumer goods solution that allows you to excel in field execution. Satisfy your customers’ local needs, emotionalize your story and make your visits more effective, focusing on the actions that deliver perfect stores.

Empower your commercial teams to succeed

Deliver on your brand strategy

Easily deploy your single source of truth across different channels, departments and locations

Give your field reps the guidance they need to perform the right actions, in the right store, at the right time

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Pitcher Super App for Consumer Goods

Built on cross-industry best practices, Pitcher fosters excellence and helps to make every store a perfect store. Streamline and scale your operations with the support of a flexible, intuitive, and compliant all-in-one sales enablement solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM. Your teams will no longer need to be digital natives in order to succeed.


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The Pitcher Super App for Sales Enablement is built on industry best practices. Since 2011, the Super App has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises in the consumer goods, food & beverage, beauty & personal care, household essentials & pets, apparel & accessories and health industries.


Augment the impact of your commercial teams, in house and in the field. Pitcher drives smart decision-making with real-time data to make your story align with the customer, both at headquarters level as well as in any store. What’s more, stories can be personalized and told in a more emotional way when you use Pitcher’s Super App.



Easily update and manage sales collateral and promotions. Define highly-targeted, segment-based, picture of success templates. Keep a pulse on the field execution of strategies, not just through analytics, but with real-time images and Chatter Feeds.


Reflect listing agreements with your buyers which are inherited by the outlets. Execution adherence results feed into an aggregated, fact-based, state-of-the-account which can be used in your KAMs’ Quarterly Business Review sessions.


Go beyond data-collection missions and become a trusted advisor to store managers. Use offline pricing and promotions to sell-in more.


Easily get things done by following self-explanatory step-by-step missions that guide the outlet towards the picture of success.



Discover which use cases our customers use most:

Guided Selling

Help your field team transform into trusted customer advisors when you engage your audience with personalized sales aids that incorporate customer-specific information, execution outcomes and details about relevant future events. Guidance isn’t just limited to visits; it extends to ensuring general sales readiness through coaching and training for field teams.

Retail Execution

See how your strategy is being executed in store with real-time visibility, and encourage your field force to strive for perfect store execution on a daily basis.

360° Customer View

Understand the state of your business and suggest the right actions to take within a territory, on a specific route or at the store.

Order Management

Combine order recommendations with an offline pricing engine to drive excellence at each selling moment. Optimize customer-based pricing, even when offline and in a complex pricing scenario.

Retail Activity Optimization

Empower users to be at the right outlet at the right time, through map-based route planning. Or you can even let the backend make visit recommendations for you.


Utilize backend functionalities for maximum flexibility within the context of multiple brands, channels, routes-to-market, and countries.

Simplify the daily working lives of your sales teams:

Route Planning Optimization-Consumer Goods

Route Planning Optimization


Task Management-Consumer Goods

Task Management


Self-Guided Detailing-Consumer Goods

Self-Guided Detailing

Pre-Call Planning-Consumer Goods

Pre-Call Planning


Sales Presentation-Consumer Goods

Sales Presentation


Learning Portal-Consumer Goods

Learning Portal

Customer Management-Consumer Goods

Account Management


Multichannel Engagement-Consumer Goods

Multichannel Engagement


Webinars-Consumer Goods

Sales Coaching

Post-Call Activities-Consumer Goods

Post-Call Activities


Remote Detailing-Consumer Goods

Remote Detailing


Team Collaboration-Consumer Goods

Team Collaboration


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Why use the Pitcher Super App for Consumer Goods?


  • Streamline trade marketing, key account and sales processes to better serve local customer needs
  • Smarter execution in-store – guide the team to deliver on your picture of success
  • Increase ROI by maximizing the impact of every selling moment and reducing the cost-to-serve
  • Personalize sales aids to achieve longer and more engaging interactions with customers
  • Enable your field force to be real brand ambassadors
  • Optimize your trade spend based on actionable insights from the field

Streamline and scale your operations supported by self-serviceable, intuitive, smart and compliant multi-channel technology that can seamlessly integrate into your existing CRM. One single entry for all your reports, data analytics and CRM information. Customer data is visible and available offline and on the go. 

Pitcher offers global support and professional deployment worldwide for the smart application that adapts to your needs.


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