Culture & Identity

We're building a culture at Pitcher where passionate people from all over the world can do their best and support each other. If you're ready to grow your career and help millions of enterprises grow better, you've come to the right place.

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Our Values


As a team, we've spent our entire existence helping companies transform their sales and marketing operations to be future-proof. Not one day was spent without working towards our values. These guide the way we do business and how we interact with customers and each other. 


We thrive on delivering the best work of our lives, whilst making it fun - work hard, play hard.



One Team

We value and collaborate with our people and the Pitcher community.




We focus on our customers’ needs and commit to making their lives easier.





Diversity, equity and inclusion are at our core.




We encourage, inspire and support each other to reach new heights.



Culture, learning and development

  • We continuously learn and implement a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion in our workplace which means recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining employees that are from different backgrounds, have different skills and are neurodiverse, and treating them as equally vital parts of the greater organization.

  • Our teams are reflective of the overarching diversity of society at large, striving to go one step further by making the workplace even more inclusive.

  • Pitcher’s success lies in balancing creativity with collaboration, where colleagues provide feedback to each other to help improve the ideas of different teams.

  • We practice radical candor where we strive for psychological safety to promote transparent conversations and unleash the potential of every team.

  • We drive an internal culture of innovation, both disruptive and incremental, balancing employee autonomy and accountability. We start by aligning employees around one shared purpose and allowing teams to discover their own way to get there. This requires providing freedom for experimentation, balancing alignment with control, and autonomous team structures that are fully accountable. We engage our employees and decision-makers effectively, harnessing our collective intelligence.

  • Here at Pitcher, culture matters because it boosts productivity, agility, employee engagement and innovation. We believe a strong, positive, agile workplace culture precedes business results.


We use Friday afternoons to learn from each other

We invest in our people.


Our Knowledge Sessions take place on Friday afternoons.

We log in wherever we are in the world to deep dive into one specific topic. Our learning department is in charge of organizing and structuring the sessions held internally.

We use a learning platform to ensure the content is shared with everyone.

Knowledge is key to personal and career development. 


Our commitment to building a better world is central to everything we do

We firmly believe that everyone makes an impact.


We help reforest the world with Tree-Nation.

For every baby born at Pitcher, we plant a tree. We also plant trees for our customers when they buy a license and our website is CO2-neutral.

Deforestation is responsible for about 17% of all emissions that cause climate change. Reforestation has been proven to be one of the most efficient solutions in fighting climate change.



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