The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Sales Enablement

Mert Yentur
March 19, 2019

What is AI?

Modern AI has attracted an enormous amount of attention in the 21st century – and with it a huge load of controversy. Ask a few random people what AI means to them and the likely answers will include visions of machines taking over totally from humans, all the way over to robots totally taking over the world. Terminator comes to life. 

The impact of C2C Social Media on the B2B automated sales enablement process

Mert Yentur
March 1, 2019


What C2C media are we talking about?

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are household social media names in the C2C communication arena that have grown prolifically in the last 10 years. They’re traditionally loaded with emotional content that’s most often free-spirited and fun-filled. The Internet carries social media conversations between friends, family, and acquaintances in multiple directions, with previously unheard of speed and intensity (measured in seconds). These channels have opened our eyes to a new world where the ins and outs of intimates from our past and present, living across international borders, are condensed down to village size familiarity.

Why sales enablement without engagement is like a motorcar without gasoline

Mert Yentur
February 13, 2019

Automated sales enablement programs cannot move with any energy; cannot be versatile or flexible; cannot meet their ROI objectives, and generally, grind to a faltering halt unless the fundamental aspect of “engagement” is at the forefront of all their strategies. Engagement itself is a far-reaching concept that at least embraces two key players in the sales enablement scenario: the customer on the one hand, and customer-interfacing professionals on the other.

Sales Readiness is an essential component of Automated Sales Enablement Platforms no matter how big or small your budget is

Mert Yentur
January 18, 2019

Sales enablement is in danger of becoming a cliché - a buzzword flying around that seems to attach itself to anything involved with enriching the sales team as it ventures into designated markets. The picture becomes more complicated when one considers the range of sales enablement platforms being promoted and the difficulty of discerning what works for you. In our view, understanding needs requires grassroots realism to give you a handle on this intriguing business innovation.

First off, there’s a dividing line in the sales enablement arena that separates reps looking for flexibility to manage their content on the selected platform (commonly referred to as Sales Asset Management) and preparing reps to have a meaningful conversation with their customers (commonly referred to as Sales Readiness). Consider this as part 1 of a 2-part exposure where we are going to focus on Sales Readiness only.

Financial Service reps equipped with Automated Sales Enablement is the best way to deal with the most stressed clients

Mert Yentur
January 8, 2019

Financial services covers retail & commercial mortgages, equity investments, life insurance, bonds, and retirement planning (integrating all the prior-mentioned), etc., These markets are typically pounded by politics, regulation changes, price fluctuations, interest rate movement, and currency inter-relationships that can shift important indexes by huge percentages in seconds, and maybe many times in a day.

As a modern financial services rep, you need to embrace rapid change to engage your customers. You must be prepared to momentarily adjust your pitch to align with current data that may ruthlessly outdate yesterday’s projections without missing a beat. Turning prospects into new customers or maintaining established customers’ confidence in you is dependent on being able to anticipate their most difficult questions.

Onboarding Millennial reps may make all the difference to your Automated Sales Enablement in a digitally competitive environment

Mert Yentur
November 21, 2018

As the Millennials include themselves in Omnichannel engagement at a furious pace, gearing them to drive sales should be a priority

It is common sense that before you can engage your customers and convince them to buy into a meaningful value proposition, the sales team making that proposition has to be trained to do it in a compelling way. Turning prospects into new customers means first tuning into their wavelength, and a sure way of doing this is being attuned to the rep receptors that trigger the right reactions. Never is this principle more pertinent than when it comes to the millennials - an integral rep category for communicating effectively in the ever-prevailing virtual environment. They are indeed practically indispensable when it comes to empowering modern sellers, thereby shaping the future, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Automated Sales Enablement is the solution to selling the way buyers want to buy in a super-competitive virtual environment

Mert Yentur
November 14, 2018

Sell smarter - onboard your reps quicker - deliver the right message for every conversation.

Let's face the hard facts: the Internet has turned our lives upside down. As vendors in this new virtual reality, capturing the attention of our B2B customers rests on perhaps a few seconds of hitting the collective audience between the eyes with a riveting message. Don’t stick your head in the sand; don’t pretend that a compelling majority of your prospective customers want you in their face all the time. Most (over 60%) opt to select their short list of vendors before the direct interaction, or indeed even hit their final preferences through digital navigation. Instead, embrace this paradigm to turn prospects into new customers quickly and seamlessly.

Packaging Counts: Driving User Engagement with Digital Content Management

Mert Yentur
January 3, 2017

The struggle to drive prospect engagement with your digital content can be staggering, and as we all know, appearance is critical to your team’s delivery in sales. Appearance, however, does not simply extend to how well they are dressed and groomed; other factors will be linchpins in the customer journey. Preparation and your rep’s facility for quickly finding relevant facts, brochures, videos and other presentation materials will determine customer engagement as well. All of these factors, and more will inform your potential and future clients’ likelihood of engaging and committing to what you have to offer.

Reach the Holy Grail of Content Personalization with Mobile Sales Enablement

Mert Yentur
December 28, 2016

Mobile sales enablement platforms allow your sales and marketing teams to collaborate with each other like never before. Sales representatives can also work with their mobile devices and deliver interactive presentations with them. And when your reps are working primarily on their mobile devices, it allows them to focus on closing deals instead of loading presentations onto their computers. Your marketers can then learn about the outcomes of their leads immediately. With those real-time results, your marketers can continue with campaigns that are performing well and make adjustments to those that aren’t.

How Apple and iOS Supercharge Your Sales Enablement

Joan Soler
December 23, 2016

Every year, Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system, iOS. Earlier this fall, Apple released iOS 10 for use on the iPad and iPhone, which made many improvements to enhance the user experience.