Value messaging - the path to the right answers every time someone asks, "Who lost the sale?"

Mert Yentur
August 30, 2019


Value messaging is a concept that lies at the root of every effective sales enablement platform. In the quest to empower modern sellers in a competitive environment, the focus rests on the sales process – step by vital step. The pundits say that if you look after each pivotal stage en route, the closing of the deal will look after itself.

The most important equation progressive management will ever learn: Education + Empowerment + Efficacy (the three E's) = Sales Enablement Success in a competitive environment

Mert Yentur
July 29, 2019


Sales enablement (SE) as we know it today was never a mainstream corporate activity.  It hovered in a twilight zone, wedged somewhere into a conglomeration of diverse departmental activities. For example, marketing claimed messaging and lead generation as its own; Sales jealously guarded deal flow & process, and HR felt that team cohesion was its responsibility. 

The inseparable marriage of Sales Enablement to Content

Mert Yentur
July 2, 2019


Automated Sales Enablement without communication freezes up. Communication, in turn, needs a message like a song needs a tune. The essence of a message lies in its content, and compelling content can shift sentiments in a few words. Put it all together, and content enables sales if its on-point, but unfortunately disables it if not. Content is the key to engaging new customers and holding onto existing ones.  

In the 2015 Forbes Report - The Power of Enablement - an intensive research study determined that the most successful enterprises depend on communications prioritizing thoughtful content as a sales momentum energizer for outstanding achievement.

Artificial Intelligence transgresses severe Automated Sales Enablement obstacles with the aid of Voice Recognition technology

Mert Yentur
June 12, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI), aligned with voice recognition capability, empowers modern sellers with an awesome strategic tool, particularly in the enhancement of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Indeed, it’s conceivably one of the master keys to selling smarter - with bigger, faster, and smoother sales volume. Many AI proponents sing its praises – how it saves sales reps time and money; how it increases their forecasting accuracy, how it has an aura of driving a more efficient and effective sales team.

Get Sales People forever on your side - The seven best-kept secrets around winning the undying respect of your sales reps

Mert Yentur
April 30, 2019

There are no two ways about it; successful sales enablement centers on integrating marketing and sales to deliver fast, enduring, and penetrating results. More specifically, marketing has a core responsibility to provide qualified leads to the sales division, and at the same time elevate the brands. It’s expansive role demands exerting sales-driven energy across all the relevant functions and understanding the sales processes at work.

When is it time for an SME to climb on the Sales Enablement Bandwagon?

Mert Yentur
April 12, 2019

Big Data as a limitation on SME sales enablement

If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) the chances are you haven’t connected to the new business revelation known popularly as Sales Enablement or SE. Principals in the SME category sit on the belief that artificial intelligence (AI) and automated platforms like SE are hugely dependent on big data. If this is your starting point, then yes, it’s easy to dismiss SMEs’ SE participation as insignificant: factually only 23% of all business entities have a plan built around big data, and SME is indeed only a minute portion of that 23%. However, there’s truly quite a lot of latitude for SME to immerse itself in SE activity – despite obvious Big Data limitations.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Sales Enablement

Mert Yentur
March 19, 2019

What is AI?

Modern AI has attracted an enormous amount of attention in the 21st century – and with it a huge load of controversy. Ask a few random people what AI means to them and the likely answers will include visions of machines taking over totally from humans, all the way over to robots totally taking over the world. Terminator comes to life. 

The impact of C2C Social Media on the B2B automated sales enablement process

Mert Yentur
March 1, 2019


What C2C media are we talking about?

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are household social media names in the C2C communication arena that have grown prolifically in the last 10 years. They’re traditionally loaded with emotional content that’s most often free-spirited and fun-filled. The Internet carries social media conversations between friends, family, and acquaintances in multiple directions, with previously unheard of speed and intensity (measured in seconds). These channels have opened our eyes to a new world where the ins and outs of intimates from our past and present, living across international borders, are condensed down to village size familiarity.

Why sales enablement without engagement is like a motorcar without gasoline

Mert Yentur
February 13, 2019

Automated sales enablement programs cannot move with any energy; cannot be versatile or flexible; cannot meet their ROI objectives, and generally, grind to a faltering halt unless the fundamental aspect of “engagement” is at the forefront of all their strategies. Engagement itself is a far-reaching concept that at least embraces two key players in the sales enablement scenario: the customer on the one hand, and customer-interfacing professionals on the other.

Sales Readiness is an essential component of Automated Sales Enablement Platforms no matter how big or small your budget is

Mert Yentur
January 18, 2019

Sales enablement is in danger of becoming a cliché - a buzzword flying around that seems to attach itself to anything involved with enriching the sales team as it ventures into designated markets. The picture becomes more complicated when one considers the range of sales enablement platforms being promoted and the difficulty of discerning what works for you. In our view, understanding needs requires grassroots realism to give you a handle on this intriguing business innovation.

First off, there’s a dividing line in the sales enablement arena that separates reps looking for flexibility to manage their content on the selected platform (commonly referred to as Sales Asset Management) and preparing reps to have a meaningful conversation with their customers (commonly referred to as Sales Readiness). Consider this as part 1 of a 2-part exposure where we are going to focus on Sales Readiness only.