How a world’s leading sales enablement solution should be.



Supports virtually any file format, any desktop OS, any tablet vendor—no hidden costs.


Content Conversion, delivery, hosting, integration. It all happens automatically and is controlled by you.

Cutting Edge

Harnesses cloud computing, Bluetooth, offline storage, bandwidth throttling and more.


Analytics engine processes the data and comes up with clever suggestions to guide you.

Globaly Scalable

Pitcher is aware of and ready for challenges of a multi-country, multilingual roll out with many stakeholders.


Each app looks and feels exactly like you want it to appear—there’s no limit in UI customization.

Here are more reasons to Consider our award-winning solution

Pitcher is:

Comprehensive — Simplified User Experience — Agile — Truly Mobile

With Pitcher’s various modules and graphically rich user experience, customers can create a transformative and inclusive sales aid experience that accommodates their unique needs. The deep integrations with widely used business solutions eliminate the need for users to learn new tools or programming languages.


Zero Connectivitiy, 100% Productivity Streamline Your Sales And Marketing Operations With Contant Mobile Access anytime, anywhere.

The Pitcher solution includes a full ofline view and functionality of CRM solutions available today. It can dynamically embed client account metrics into offline content. Secure sync occurs once the user has an internet connection, allowing the user to focus on job tasks. With offline control of campaign management, sales teams can prepare campaigns and key initiatives that will drive breadth and strength to their portfolio.


Platform & Industry-Specific Customizations Reflecting Your Way of Doing Business

Pitcher’s innovative solution helps sales and marketing professionals reach higher performance and engagement levels. Our solution empowers teams in a wide variety of industries, from large pharmaceutical companies to consumer goods manufacturers.


Enhancing the Way Organizations Think, Plan and Report the Story of Their Business

Pitcher offers an out of the box reporting and prediction component for all activities executed via each engagement channel of the solution. Users can experience integrated offline capbable reporting and analytics. It offers full-featured business intelligence (BI) to create custom reports and dashboards. The software goes beyond traditional reporting by collecting sentiment analysis and true data points.