Pitcher is a company of firsts that provides a quality of innovation that is the perfect fit for a broad range of industries. What makes Pitcher unique is not only the product but it's the team behind the product. Today we have customers in over 130 countries, and in 2016 alone we acquired more new customers than in the previous three years combined.

For a vertically focused solution, access to the deep product knowledge is key, and our customers appreciate it.

Here’s what just some have to say:

“I get a response the same day and I have a person on the other end who always knows what I’m talking about.”

 “Every meeting we had regarding business specific modifications were short meetings because they had a very good understanding of the business and could make suggestions to configure the tool. That’s the biggest value I’d say.”

 “Software as a Service, is not just the software. Service is the other half of the story.”

 “The highest value is the support I’m getting.”

 “Anything we wanted done was already done.”

 “With Pitcher, you get all the support up front.”

And a vision:

“I was looking for a long-term partner, someone dedicated to continuous improvement and new functionality. I want a vision for the future. “

Growing with Customers

Pitcher is an award-winning company that has been recognized by various organizations for its ingenuity and innovativeness.  Pitcher aims to transform marketing and sales with fully digital sales and marketing cloud solutions that enable its customers to capture new insights, increase productivity, and generate more revenue. This forward-thinking mindset has led Pitcher to be the first choice for the customers and it is now in over 130 countries, spanning numerous industries. From the world’s largest Life Sciences companies to the top five Fortune 500's.

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Pitcher has a long list of customers; boasting success with their solutions in various industries and sectors. These customers are global leaders in their fields that have decided to position themselves at the forefront of innovation and ingenuity with the help of Pitcher.

Some of our customers

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