Financial Service reps equipped with Automated Sales Enablement is the best way to deal with the most stressed clients


Financial services covers retail & commercial mortgages, equity investments, life insurance, bonds, and retirement planning (integrating all the prior-mentioned), etc., These markets are typically pounded by politics, regulation changes, price fluctuations, interest rate movement, and currency inter-relationships that can shift important indexes by huge percentages in seconds, and maybe many times in a day.

As a modern financial services rep, you need to embrace rapid change to engage your customers. You must be prepared to momentarily adjust your pitch to align with current data that may ruthlessly outdate yesterday’s projections without missing a beat. Turning prospects into new customers or maintaining established customers’ confidence in you is dependent on being able to anticipate their most difficult questions.

Pitcher Named a Leader Among Sales Enablement Automation Platforms

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NEW YORK, December 17, 2018 – Pitcher, a top global sales enablement platform, has been named a Leader in a new report from Aragon Research, released December 13th, 2018. The Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Engagement Platforms, 2018: Delivering Sales Productivity and Faster Deal Outcomes1 is an independent examination and assessment of 19 sales enablement/sales engagement platforms for the current year.

Onboarding Millennial reps may make all the difference to your Automated Sales Enablement in a digitally competitive environment


As the Millennials include themselves in Omnichannel engagement at a furious pace, gearing them to drive sales should be a priority

It is common sense that before you can engage your customers and convince them to buy into a meaningful value proposition, the sales team making that proposition has to be trained to do it in a compelling way. Turning prospects into new customers means first tuning into their wavelength, and a sure way of doing this is being attuned to the rep receptors that trigger the right reactions. Never is this principle more pertinent than when it comes to the millennials - an integral rep category for communicating effectively in the ever-prevailing virtual environment. They are indeed practically indispensable when it comes to empowering modern sellers, thereby shaping the future, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Automated Sales Enablement is the solution to selling the way buyers want to buy in a super-competitive virtual environment


Sell smarter - onboard your reps quicker - deliver the right message for every conversation.

Let's face the hard facts: the Internet has turned our lives upside down. As vendors in this new virtual reality, capturing the attention of our B2B customers rests on perhaps a few seconds of hitting the collective audience between the eyes with a riveting message. Don’t stick your head in the sand; don’t pretend that a compelling majority of your prospective customers want you in their face all the time. Most (over 60%) opt to select their short list of vendors before the direct interaction, or indeed even hit their final preferences through digital navigation. Instead, embrace this paradigm to turn prospects into new customers quickly and seamlessly.

Pitcher: Why it’s the Top Sales Enablement Platform in Your Industry


Life Sciences • Financial Services • Manufacturing • Consumer Goods

What Is Sales Enablement? Why Is It Important?

On a basic level, sales enablement is about providing your sales team with the tools, information, and resources they need to sell more effectively. Everyone agrees that this is important. Successful companies aren’t asking whether they should support their sales teams, but rather how and with what tools.

Pitcher Named a Strong Performer Among Sales Enablement Automation Platforms

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NEW YORK, October 30, 2018 – Pitchera leading sales enablement platform, has been named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Platforms, Q3 2018. The Forrester Wave™ is published by Forrester Research, Inc. and is an independent assessment of companies in the industry, where vendors are evaluated against a set of criteria grouped into the categories of current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Pitcher Personal Admin Gives Reps More Content Freedom

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Pitcher Software Suite Adds Flexible Collaboration Features Benefitting Sales Teams

NEW YORK, September 24, 2018 – Pitcherthe company behind an industry-leading end-to-end software solution for sales enablement and digital marketing, has added more functionality for its field users in response to customer demand.

Pitcher Personal Admin, which launches at Dreamforce 2018, puts content management in the hands of field reps and other users who need to tailor marketing and sales collateral on the fly. This new module builds on the success of Pitcher Admin for desktop computers, which allows for global delivery of marketing and sales content across entire teams. Pitcher Personal Admin expands upon this functionality, giving users the ability to contend more easily with rapidly changing sales environments by customizing content in the field. Execution is quick and seamless, enabling field team users to personalize marketing and sales assets on the go without changing global content.

Pitcher Announces Its New Module, Pitcher Indoors

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NEW YORK, October 30, 2017 – Pitcher, a leading sales enablement and digital content management software provider, today announced its brand new module, Pitcher Indoors, at Dreamforce 2017. Pitcher Indoors is a web-based app for inside sales and other online users that enables sales reps to stay connected with customers and prospects. Built on the Salesforce Platform, users are able to use Pitcher Indoors’ sales enablement features without needing to work outside of Salesforce.

Packaging Counts: Driving User Engagement with Digital Content Management


The struggle to drive prospect engagement with your digital content can be staggering, and as we all know, appearance is critical to your team’s delivery in sales. Appearance, however, does not simply extend to how well they are dressed and groomed; other factors will be linchpins in the customer journey. Preparation and your rep’s facility for quickly finding relevant facts, brochures, videos and other presentation materials will determine customer engagement as well. All of these factors, and more will inform your potential and future clients’ likelihood of engaging and committing to what you have to offer.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Sales Platform



These days, sales professionals have some of the best jobs, but some of the biggest challenges. History’s stereotype of the salesman has been erased, and faster, smoother, more agile employee has emerged. It is important for every company with a sales department, no matter how large or small, accepts the importance of the role of technology in their businesses. Digital content management platforms are, without a doubt, the most effective way to groom organized, shrewd and well-informed sales professionals who are able to give their clients the most relevant and current materials they need in order to conduct business well.

Sales Enablement Software Buying Guide


Enterprise Apps Today
August 18, 2016 By Drew Robb   
Evaluating sales enablement software? This buying guide has all you need to know.

We have explained what sales enablement software is, why it is becoming popular and how it can benefit organizations. Given its growing popularity and many benefits, it's a safe bet more organizations are considering a purchase. So here we offer some advice, including overviews of some notable solutions and tips on evaluating and implementing sales enablement software.